We Are Open – Please Read

The doors of our church are open so that all believers of God may gather in worship. The service will start at 11:00 AM and end at 12 noon. There will not be any Sunday School.

  1. If you are sick and have a fever stay at home so as not to affect others.
  2. Come with your mask.
  3. Wear gloves if you can.
  4. Arriving:  Please do not stand and talk in groups in the entryway or hallway. You must leave space for people to pass at a safe distance.
  5. Leaving:  You will be dismissed from the sanctuary one row at a time, to help maintain social distancing.
  6. Use hand sanitizer when going in and out.
  7. Apply 6 feet social distancing.
  8. Every family should sit together.
  9. Follow the signs indicated when entering and leaving the church building.
  10. If you can help us disinfect the santuary for the other groups that will enter to worship, please do so.
  11. Sanitizer, masks, temperature readings will be available if you need it.

Finally dear brothers and sisters, I thank God and you for your faith, encouragement, perseverance, love, and support during these days. God bless you!!

For more information you can call the office 913-371-6476
We look forward to seeing you.
Church Leadership and Staff

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