Armourdale Baptist Church
Representing Jesus Christ, with open hearts and open arms
Armourdale Baptist Church
700 S Mill St
Kansas City, KS 66105




Diana A.

Gena A.
Paul B.
Barry B.
Gathel B.
Danny B.
Roger & Connie B.
Bud & Marie B.
Amy C.'s grandmother
Rosalie C.
Russ & Pat C.
Leanna D.
Ed D.
Christa G.
Brad H.
Bob K.
Evelyn L.
David L.
Martha L.
John M.
Hugh & Virginia M.
Ruby N.
Wilbur & Dorothy N.

Irene P. 

Al Q.
Pat R.
Lori S.

Sara S.
Susan T.
Evelyn W.

Our Homebound Members

Clayton C.

Our country
The Middle East

Jackie, Kathy G’s daughter

John M.

Virginia M. & family
Scott T. (looking for work)
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